Tweet Lanes Returns as an Open Source Twitter Application

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Tweet Lanes was one of the cleanest and promising Twitter applications for Android. It was updated frequently and always stayed true to Android’s design guidelines. When Twitter started restricting third-party apps to 100,000 tokens, Tweet Lanes developer Chris Lacy stopped working on the app in favor of Action Launcher. Not content with letting Tweet Lanes die, Lacy decided to open source his work so others can build upon it for the good of the Android community.

Lacy made this announcement on his Google+ page. Every bit of Tweet Lanes is openly available on github. One of the only things other developers can’t do is utilize the Tweet Lanes name for another application based on his coding.

Although the future of Tweet Lanes rests solely on the development community, Lacy suggested the new Tweet Lanes team should have a community manager and a lead developer. The community manager will be given access to the Tweet Lanes Twitter account and will be responsible for speaking to the community. All of this is totally optional though.

Other than releasing the source code and committing to release “a signed version of the app to the Play Store a few times a week,” Lacy is done with Tweet Lanes.

Twitter applications such as Falcon Pro and Carbon have become the top Twitter applications for Android. Do you think is there still room for Tweet Lanes?

Source [Google+]

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