HeatMeter Lets You Monitor Your Furnace From the Cloud

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Winter is always a mildly depressing time of year when you live in a temperate clime.  Rolling out of a warm bed for work to face the morning cold is hideous, the lack of available sunlight lets seasonal affective disorder take hold, and worst of all, heating bills shoot up to the stratosphere.

The HeatMeter, a nifty gadget just put up on Kickstarter, is a device that is looking to remedy that last negative, or at least allow you to stay informed as to just how bad the damage might be.  Attach the HeatMeter magnetically to your oil, natural gas, or propane furnace and the internet-connected sensor provides you with to-the-minute furnace usage data.  It works by monitoring every time the flame in the boiler or furnace turns on, giving it a much higher degree of accuracy than smart thermostats.

Other cool features include cloud integration and Android/iOS functionality, so you can monitor your heating fuel use from anywhere.  The device also sends email or text message alerts for abnormal furnace behavior (such as not turning on for hours when it’s below freezing outside) so you can know when to get it serviced.

The HeatMeter is a reward for $149, but the first fifty early birds can get twenty dollars off their reward.  Check out their pitch:

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