Keep your Social Network Secure with WISeID

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With all this news of hackers compromising the passwords of 250,000 Twitter users earlier this month (not to mention the hilarious Burger King Twitter fiasco) and the more recent hacking attempts on Facebook, data security on social networks is tanning itself in the warm glow of the media spotlight.  The people at WISeID, a data security app, have wisely taken the opportunity to introduce their encryption technology for Twitter, G+, and SMS.

With their online app, communication over social media can be kept out of the claws of advertisers and hackers alike.  You simply type in your message, apply a password, and voila, encrypted communication.  De-encryption is just as easy.  You can even encrypt the encrypted message with another password for a total super-spy experience.  Try it out for yourself here, Mr. Bond.

WISeID’s separate data security app (with face recognition and centralized password storage) is also available for both for iOS and Android.

via [PR Newswire]

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