The Weather Channel Android App Gets a Major Redesign

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The Weather Channel The Weather Channel app for Android has undergone a big redesign today. In addition to being optimized for tablets, The Weather Channel now follows Android’s Holo design guidelines. The app’s graphics and font is also easier on the eyes and more inviting than it was before.

The app is broken down into sections such as interactive maps, current weather conditions, videos and the 10-day forecast. Unless you care about earning rewards with mPoints or watching various videos  that are made available from The Weather Channel, you’ll spend the majority of your time just checking out the weather in your area. The new weather graphic presents basic information such as temperature, visibility, humidity and the dew point. It’s all very easy to understand.

Some other enhancements to the app include being notified of the exact time when weather will change within six hours, a refresh button, new widgets and speed enhancements. The app was a bit sluggish when I started it the first time, but subsequent launches were much smoother.

Of course, everyone isn’t happy with this redesign. Some reviews in Google Play complain of bugs, the full-sized advertisements and an increased focused on things other than the weather. These things don’t bother me, but if you’re looking for an alternative, WeatherBug has a lot of satisfied users.

Download Link [Google Play]

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  • Juli Monroe

    Jeremy, what about battery drain? I downloaded the app soon after I bought my Nexus 7, and I noticed it drained the battery very quickly. Uninstalling it put my battery usage back to normal. Any idea if this update is more battery friendly? I loved the widget, but not the drain.

    • Jeremy Hill

      I haven’t noticed any battery drain on my end. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ll keep an eye on it.

  • Juli Monroe

    Check which apps are using battery. Using the previous version, Weather was my second biggest drainer, after the screen and ahead of the operating system. When I saw that, I uninstalled it. I might give the new one a try, later this week when I won’t be away from home (and my charger) much during the day.