App Review: World Card Mobile

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Do you frequently go to events and gather business cards? Want an easy way to scan them for follow up later? World Card Mobile is the app for you. It’s available for both Android and iOS, although I’ve only used the iOS version.

Using it is a snap. Be in good lighting. Position the card on a table and use the app to take a photo. It gives you guides to be certain you’ve positioned it properly.

You’ll get a confirmation screen so you can double-check your positioning before tapping done and letting it OCR the card.

As you’ll see, you will get a few OCR errors to correct. Obviously, the clearer the card and plainer the font, the fewer the errors. Correct them in this screen, and you’re good to go.

The app will automatically add the information to your Contacts list. I’ve found it to be easy to use and fairly accurate. Most of the time, the app organizes fields correctly. I have had a few cards that it mangled pretty badly, requiring me to correct most of the information, but those instances have been rare.

I estimate that on average, it takes me a couple of minutes to scan and correct a card. If you have lots of cards to scan on a regular basis, this app is not going to replace a dedicated card scanner. However, for an event where you have 3-5 cards to scan afterwards, it’s perfect. It’s quick enough that I’ve been known to step aside, scan a couple of cards and then get right back to networking.

If you’ve been using your phone to take pictures of cards and have a backlog of them, no problem. You can import them into the app and OCR them. The app will retain all the contact information, including the image of the card, so you can always go back later and fix information you might have missed on the first time around.

This is one of my “must have” apps as a business networker, and it’s well worth the nominal price: $6.99 in the App store or $5.99 on Google Play.

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