Will LG’s Optimus G Pro Feature an LED-Illuminated Home Key?

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Hashtag Android blog writer Vincent Messina brought up an excellent point that flew right under our radars. Concerning LG’s upcoming Optimus G Pro smartphone, he recalls from the Korean company’s press release:


Outstanding at the bottom of the grip of smaller size compared to competitors’ products, depending on the state of the phone receiving a call, charge, alarm, smart homki been changed into six different LED colors, added to the liveliness of the design. border into a streamlined metal in a dynamic reanimated the image.

Okay, so clearly a lot is lost in translation (I’m assuming Messina used Google’s webpage translation service to decipher the release from Korean.) Still, he points out that “homki” could very well translate to ‘home key,’ and well, LED is a universal acronym for awesome light-up, blinky things.

If what we think we’re reading adds up to what we think it adds up to, this could result in the XL smartphone’s home key also doubling as a notification alert. That’s pretty sweet.

Readers, what do you think?

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