3D Mouse Mycestro lets you Control your Cursor with a Wave of your Hand

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Move over Mauz, there’s a new mouseless mouse in town.  Mycestro (pronounced like “maestro,” get it?), a wireless device you attach to your finger and use like a mouse via gesture control, has a Kickstarter.

As the Kickstarter explains, Mycestro is a 3D mouse, meaning a mouse that you control via movement in three dimensional space.  You strap it to your index finger and wave it around like a goofball, doing all your clicking by way buttons along the left side of the thing.  Mycestro is battery-powered, holding about 8 hours of charge, and rechargeable via USB input.

This seems like a great idea for presentations and mouse use in awkward places (like public transit), depending on how easy it actually is to use and how comfortable you feel looking like a goofy magician in public.  You can get your own as a reward for just $79.

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  • marni

    Looks great, but how is it different from the already-on-sale Korean Neo Reflection?