BlackBerry Z10 Launching in Lebanon and Turkey Today, SIM-Free Version Hitting UK on March 1

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Every half-skilled tyrant knows you can’t conquer the world all at once and instead you need to take your time and subdue country after country. Dubious metaphors aside, that’s what BlackBerry is trying to do with the Z10.

The high-end phone has been officially launched at the end of January, but it is still gradually making its way to tech-savvy folks around the globe. The next two stops in the way to world domination are Lebanon and Turkey.

Beirut has been the host of a glamorous Z10 launch event several hours ago and sales are expected to actually begin later today. Meanwhile, Turkcell and Avea, two of the top three wireless carriers in Turkey, will themselves hold special press events today and start taking orders first thing tomorrow.

The BlackBerry Z10 is to get a second launch in the UK as well, this time in a SIM-free, unlocked flavor. Clove has this version of the phone listed on its website, with first stock “expected March 1”. Pricing is kind of steep, but nothing too unexpected – £430 excluding VAT, or £516, all taxes included.

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