HTC To Unveil Other Smartphones and an Ubuntu Tablet Along With The One?

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We’re only hours away from HTC’s special London and New York City press events. The company’s newest flagship phone, initially codenamed M7 and now known as simply the One, is most certainly going to make an appearance.

But is that going to be all? Probably not, based on recent leaks. Several sources tell us that a couple of other HTC phones will debut today, as well as a very secretive tablet.

Wait, what? Wasn’t HTC done with tabs? We certainly thought so. And yet one of the images used to tease today’s event looks like it has something much bigger than a phone under wraps. But wait, there’s more.

Apparently, the new HTC slate might not run Android. Or Windows. Instead, it could be the first ever Ubuntu OS-powered tab. Why else would Ubuntu have a countdown clock on its website set to hit zero during HTC’s event? And how else could you explain the “tick, tock, tablet time” message?

You have to admit it all makes sense. But let’s get back to HTC phones for a second. You’ve probably heard enough of the One already, but what about the other devices expected to see daylight today? In a nutshell, these are codenamed M4 and G2 and should target budget-focused users. It doesn’t sound that special, but you should nevertheless keep an eye later today on HTC. After all, the Taiwanese might still be holding an ace or two up their sleeves.

Via [Android Authority]

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