New LG Ad for MWC Hints at F, G, L and V-Series Phones (Video)

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Uploaded Tuesday morning on LG’s YouTube account, a teaser video if you will, hints at what we believe to be four updated series of smartphone lines: the F-Series, G-Series, L-Series and V-Series. The promo video is titled ‘Closer to Barcelona’ and comes just shortly after the company has been expected to reveal their Optimus L Series II at MWC next week.

That answers the question of ‘L,’ or “styLe” as it’s advertised. The ‘F’ is derived from “Freedom;” while ‘V’ is for “View and ‘G’ stands for “Greatness.” Check out the video below and you’ll see what I mean.

We know that the G-Series will include their Optimus G Pro, expected to hit U.S. in Q2. Information regarding the company’s F- and V-Series smartphones still remain under wraps. Based on the model holding a paint brush in the ‘V portion’ of the ad, we’re thinking that one of two may be stylus-enabled devices but that’s just speculation. The ‘F’ features a race car driver; fast-speed wireless series?

As advertised, LG has a press conference planned for February 25th, which should officially answer all of our questions about the four smartphone lines.

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