HTC One Flagship Smartphone Made Official, Graphically Brilliant

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Tuesday morning marked the end of leaks, speculations and inquiries about HTC’s beauty of a beast flagship smartphone, the HTC One. With a target set on the top-tiers from Samsung and Apple, the One will hang in there and most likely surpass the competition for the needs of its users.

The company succeeded in one-upping their competitors in two key areas: it’s display and the built-in camera. In both, they’ve done things differently than what is the current industry standards. First, the 4.7-inch Android device boasts a full HD 1080p LCD touchscreen, which makes for a clean and brilliant image from any angle. At 468ppi, it packs image pixels rather densely.

One’s camera features HTC’s new gauge of camera capabilities, UltraPixels they’ve coined it. The smartphone’s camera called the HTC Zoe, performs at 4-megapixels, basically translating to the shutter being able to absorb about three times more light than other 8-megapixel cameras.

When it comes to mobile, the company states, light is key. This results in better on-the-go snaps and dim lighting photos. The HTC Zoe can capture an estimated 200-percent more light than iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy SIII’s 8-megapixel cameras.

One’s camera functionality is packaged with an impressive photo editing suite and HDR video capturing. A neat feature is the camera’s five frames captured before pressing shutter and the 15 after you press it, allowing the user precision in selecting the best still and also the ability to create stop-motion animations.

The phone will become available in U.S. markets in March.

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