And now the Jeep Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

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There sure have been a lot of hacking stories being reported lately. Big companies and organizations are facing hacking attempts by people allegedly in China. But while those hacks seem to be focused on the theft of secrets and data, the recent Twitter account hacks on Burger King and now Jeep appear to be just for fun. 

The Jeep Twitter page looks like it was taken over by the same individual(s) who went after Burger King yesterday. The Twitter ramblings of the hacked page are very similar to what we saw yesterday. One of the first tweets claimed Jeep was sold to Cadillac after discovering an employee doing drugs in the bathroom. That statement is totally untrue of course. Similar statements were made about Burger King.

The rest of the tweets are just a bunch of slang with the hacker giving shout outs to other users on Twitter. They don’t seem to have any real agenda. These pages are being hacked to get attention.

These hacking events should be a wake-up call for companies to protect their social media accounts. Social media is one of the main ways a big company can stay in touch with its customers. If that method of communication can be easily compromised, it’ll only result in a PR nightmare.

Source [Twitter]

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