HTC One Officially Priced in UK, Coming to Three Carriers in America

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Even if HTC’s special press event from yesterday turned out to be less eventful than expected, we can’t be too disappointed. After all, the guest of honor did show up to the party looking smoking hot.

HTC One’s specs and features are pretty awesome, but what about prices? Well, we don’t know everything there is to know there, but things are starting to unravel.

In the UK for instance the One is set to start at around £459, or $702 in an unlocked, SIM-free flavor. That’s Phones4U’s asking price, while Clove and Expansys will charge you a bit extra – £510 and £519 respectively.

All three sellers expect to start fulfilling orders around March 15, but if you want a spot in front of the line you should probably already think about pre-ordering.

Meanwhile, Americans are still waiting with bated breath to hear something on this front. The only things we know are that AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile will be picking up the One by the end of March, with Verizon left out for some reason. Rumor has it all three carriers will have the beast up for grabs at $200 with a two-year contract, while SIM-free pricing will probably start at $500-$550.

Via [Eurodroid] and [Android Authority]

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  • Stewbug

    What about US Cellular? Are they left out of the party? Or will we not know until it is officially announced? I have US Cellular and I want this phone!