New Google Glass Demo Ad Blows Your Mind, Pre-Orders Expanded (Video)

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Photo: Wikipedia.

So we’re all hip to Google’s latest consumer mega-project, Glass, right? The company who is synonymous with ‘looking things up on the web’ hasn’t released much information on it lately; not since they opened pre-orders to developers and media at their 2012 I/O event.

Media spotted Google co-founder Sergey Brin rocking a test pair on a NYC subway earlier in the year and supposedly another hundred or so were out there being tested at that time.

Published on Wednesday, Google has given us plebeians a little taster. By means of a “you wish you could have this life”-angled product video, depicting some truly astonishing, not-accessible-by-normal-people activities. We’re talking hot air balloon riding, skydiving, flying a plane, eating an exotic meal on a small boat in an exotic location, horseback riding, playing with snakes, trapeze artistry — all through the lens of Google Glass.

It makes you almost hate yourself for never being able to afford one. Well, I suppose I shouldn’t speak all too soon, as there is no list price available. Pre-orders have just been expanded though.

To get the privilege, you must apply by means of a 50-words or less essay stating what you would do if you had ‘Glass’ on. Include up to five photos or a 15-second video additionally, then post your contribution on Twitter with the #ifihadglass hashtag included.

You could get lucky! Based on the video, however, it seems Google’s looking for someone who does some unconventional, arguably crazy things on a regular basis. Is that you?

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