BlackBerry Z10 To Only Reach Verizon in April?

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The jury’s still out on whether the newest BlackBerries can turn the company’s fortunes around entirely, but one thing is clear – the Z10 is a hit. At least in Canada, UK and the small number of countries it’s available in.

But the BB flagship can’t be had where it matters the most – in the US. That is, if you’re not crazy enough to throw away 1,000 bucks in Solavei’s direction. A wider rollout is rumored to happen in March, but, according to a new report, one major American carrier is not so eager to jump the gun.

Verizon is thus expected to only make the Z10 available in April. It doesn’t sound very smart and it’s never good to be late to such a cool party, but Big Red might be on to something here.

The other BlackBerry 10-powered device, the Q10, is due out in May, but if Verizon can reach a compromise with BB and sell that earlier, wouldn’t it make more sense for the two phones to go out at the same time? Perhaps. Of course, all this has to be taken with a pinch of salt and the only way to find out if it’s true is wait.

Via [Phones Review]

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