Text Easier with SwiftKey Flow, Now Out of Beta with a $2 Promo Price

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Reinventing text-messaging functionality by means of gesture typing or the ‘swipe’ motion that you may have seen some avid ‘texters’ using lately, SwiftKey has just taken it’s Flow out of beta and made it available via the Google Play store. With it’s on-point predictive and corrective text intelligence, it is and has been Android’s most popular keyboard replacement app.

What’s best is that for the time being, the company has given the app a 50-percent price cut, meaning that you can try out the new-school way to text your friends for just $1.99. Even if it won’t convince you to make the switch, the sweet deal makes it easy to give SwiftKey Flow a shot. So, why not?

Get it from the Google Play store here.

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