Qualcomm Announces Quick Charge 2.0 and It Will Recharge Your Device Faster

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Although the portable mobile battery industry seems to be really taking off, would it be wrong to assume that the majority of mobile device users would prefer simply just longer-lasting batteries? Even a quicker-charging battery would suffice for now, would it not?

Well, west-coast semiconductor company Qualcomm seems to be on it. With an updated version of last year’s Quick Charge 1.0, Qualcomm Inc. brings their rapid-charging battery technology to new heights. Their soon-released Quick Charge 2.0 is said to provide up to 75-percent quicker charging time for your mobile devices. That should ensure less time tethered to a wall input — how nice.

Slated to debut alongside their Snapdragon 800 processors in upcoming smart devices, the Quick Charge 2.0 acts as an integrated circuit, pre-installed in phones and tablets. In the Qualcomm lab studies, they’ve found tablets that would normally take seven hours to reach a full charge can reach the same battery level after three hours with their advanced technology. The new component will be universal with Quick Charge 1.0 battery chargers and vice versa.

We can expect to see the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0-featured devices and wall chargers in action in early 2014. With the power-consuming Snapdragon processor, their Quick Charge 2.0 should provide a complete, stress-free battery charging solution for your next generation of smart devices.


<Source: Qualcomm Blog>

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