3Doodler is a Pen That Lets you Draw in the 3rd Dimension

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Something mind-numbingly cool has just dropped on Kickstarter.  The 3Doodler is a pen that lets you draw three dimensional objects with spools of ABS plastic.  Essentially it’s a primitive 3D printer-in-a-pen you can use to make whatever three dimensional object you can draw.  Even more insane, using “stencils” of objects you can download and print out with a regular printer as a guide you can make really neat stuff like the Eiffel Tower pictured on the right.

The awesomeness of this idea hasn’t gone unnoticed:  after only two days on Kickstarter nearly a million dollars has been pledged, far exceeding their modest goal of $30k.  The actual pen is going for a reward of just $75, and rewards are running out quick.  Don’t miss out!

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