How iOS Could be More like Android, in a Good Way

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Earlier this week, Readwrite had an article on Robert Scoble switching from iOS to Android. Scoble has been well-known as a serious Apple fanboy, so when someone like him switches, you have to take notice. The article also references Guy Kawasaki‘s switch.

Then there’s Gigaom’s reporter Mathew Ingram, who recently switched and has found he likes Android’s notifications much better.

What’s wrong, Apple? Why all the recent switching? I think, and these articles seem to agree with me, that Android is pushing the envelope on some important features, from notifications, to third-party keyboards and cool (or creepy) elements like Google Now.

I think the real factor here is customization of user experience and more active content. I love Android widgets, and I desperately wish Apple would allow them. I don’t mind the iOS keyboard, but I love Thumb Keyboard (currently on sale) on my Nexus 7, and I wish Apple allowed something similar. And don’t even get me started again on notifications.

No, I don’t want my iPhone to suddenly look and feel like an Android phone. There are lots of things I love about my iPhone, but Android has some good innovations, and I think it would be wise for Apple to look at what Android is doing and what people like about the operating system. Some of them would be excellent features to introduce into iOS 7, along with great features we know we’ll love but don’t know we need yet. Apple’s famous for those too.

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