Apple is Threatened by Samsung. Or Maybe Not?

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Don’t you love the tech world? Ask ten tech bloggers for an opinion and you’ll get at least 12 different answers.

Take these two posts, both published within a day of each other.

Apple Needs To Answer The Samsung Threat, Analyst Says from Forbes

iPhone Brand Outshines Samsung’s Galaxy As iPhone 5 Becomes Best-Selling Smartphone Globally In Q4, iPhone 4S 2nd — Analyst from Techcrunch.

One analyst says the iPhone is coming under a severe threat from Samsung and the need to address it immediately. The other points to the iPhone 5 outselling Samsung S3 for the first time.

Kind of makes you wonder. Slow news day perhaps?

So what do you think? Is Apple threatened? Or are they entrenching into a more secure position? The good news is whichever you believe, you’ve got data to back you up. Me, as much as I’d like Apple to add some Android-like features into their operating system, my money’s still on them, at least for the next few years.

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