myIDkey Unlocks, Protects Passwords With a Finger

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Passwords can be a nuisance sometimes. But not with myIDkey; the first fingerprint, voice-search, secure Bluetooth / USB drive that displays passwords and ID on the go as well as works with all smart mobile devices and personal computers. Your finger (or thumb) print is your key to unlock your highly personal data such as passwords, bank accounts, passports, etc.

Simply swipe your thumb or finger across the reader to view passwords and more. After unlocking your myIDkey with a finger swipe, you can simply press and hold the microphone button and speak into your myIDkey to quickly recall and see that important number, date or whatever personal data is needed in a flash.

myIDkeyWhether wirelessly connected to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, or when directly plugged into your desktop or notebook PC via USB, myIDkey autofills your credentials for any site. With complete password management that is also protected by your fingerprint, you never have to remember another password again!

Plus, it can automatically generate unique passwords for further protection – all of which is easily managed with the myIDkey app. By wirelessly syncing your myIDkey to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth, you can create an extra layer of security for protecting what matters most.

Personal data is secured on your myIDkey and desktop with AES256 encryption. If your myIDkey is ever lost or stolen, you’re still protected. If there are multiple attempts to access the information within, myIDkey will automatically erase everything so you’re still protected. If you retrieve your myIDkey or purchase a new one, you can simply restore your information by syncing to your desktop or to our secure cloud.

For more information and/or to back the project (which has been wildly successful so far), visit the myIDkey Kickstarter page.

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