LG Previews Dual-Video Recording and Panoramic Stills Features on Optimus G Pro (Videos)

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As of late, Korean tech giant LG seems unable to resist teasing us gadget freaks. A new phone series, product spec announcements and extreme hype for their upcoming Optimus G Pro — creating an attention-grabbing entrance for themselves at MWC next week.

Today, they give us a couple more little tasters, in the form of YouTube videos. Published on the company’s Korean account, unfortunately I can’t understand the language but using context clues, I can confidently say that what is advertised are two camera features due out with their Optimus G Pro flagship.

The first video shows how easy the company’s brand new dual-video recording software is to use.

And quite simply as you can see, the feature allows both the front facing and rear facing cameras to simultaneous record video, making cellphone videographers no longer feel left out of the picture. You know what I’m talking about (when your kid and kid’s mother are posed beautifully together and you’re stuck on the wrong side of the shutter.)

The software creates a picture-in-picture like effect. In the video, we can see the position and the size of the small video box is easily manipulable. Also the two pictures can be swapped, back to front and so forth. Send your videos to your smart TV using LG’s Smart Share technology and show your family how awesome you are.

In the next video, we see some truly amazing (and adorable) stuff. Illustrating how to use LG’s VR panorama photograph feature, you can observe exactly how easy it is to create a panorama shot with one click. You can pan up, down, left and right — come on, doesn’t that look incredible?

It’s function and finished results are akin to Google’s Photo Sphere software.

It’s amazing how panoramic shots were but just a dream not too long ago and here we are with some astoundingly easy solutions to capture a beautiful, full-room, full-detail shot. After you’ve captured your complete panorama with the G Pro, print it out and keep it forever.

Of course, more will be revealed during and after MWC, which after all these news bits, cannot come soon enough!

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