Lenmar Uses Zombies to Market Batteries in Campaign

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Lenmar Logo

What can I say? I’m a sucker for zombies, and Lenmar’s new “Undead Power” campaign certainly gets my attention. Oh sure, they don’t actually say, “zombie”, but I can read between the lines.

The Undead Power combines products and Lenmar’s belief that consumers should have power anytime, anywhere. The campaign also introduces a new Lenmar logo, the Helix, inspired by the structure of DNA.

The Helix represents Lenmar’s pedigree in consistently providing superior quality products that are built to deliver the UNDEAD POWER demanded by consumers.

Lenmar Undead Power Packs“The Undead Power campaign will feature sponsored events, contests, consumer giveaways, promotions and new products, as well as online advertising to engage users. ‘To us this is not just a marketing campaign; it is a major statement about our effort to reinforce the benefits of our innovative power products through messaging that resonates with the connected consumer of today. This messaging is a manifestation of our internal drive to create solutions that keep people connected to their friends, family, and business without the fear of digital death.'”

Lenmar Undead PowerLenmar has released a wide range of external battery packs ranging from 2400mAh to 7000mAh. These batteries feature compact designs that can be carried in a backpack, purse, or even your pocket.

Visit to find the right battery pack to make your Dead devices become Undead.



Source [prnewswire]

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