Solid Gold iPhone Case from Brikk

Sections: Smartphones

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Want to feel like an ostentatious rapper with your very own iPhone case made out of solid gold?  Luxury designers Brikk has you covered, Mr. Flav.

Available in precious metals platinum and (yellow or pink) gold, their new Haven line of cases will run you anywhere from $11,610-14,235.  The gold models will be made from about 75 grams of solid Au, while platinum cases will have 100 grams of that metal.  Customized versions studded with diamonds and other precious stones are also available.

The guilt associated with purchasing something so repulsively extravagant in a slump economy will be assuaged somewhat by their “profit for philanthropy” model.  For every Haven case sold, Brikk will donate a metric ton of rice to various NGO’s in war-ravaged parts of Africa (which, mind you, makes up only about $600 of the $11,610 pricetag; just saying).

Bling bling!

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