GadgeTell Review: Audiofly AF56 Earbuds

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If you’re familiar with Audiofly, I think you’ll agree with me in saying that they’re pretty much undeniably cool. The Australia-based earbud company offers exceptional audio solutions, fulfilling any and all needs of on-the-go music listeners. And their premium AF56 earbuds are a perfect example of how they provide a quality and comfortable listening experience, while maintaining a hip sense of style.

Seeing Audiofly products around for a while, I have always admired the company’s taste in design. They don’t make flashy, attention-seeking audio gear; no bright colors or LEDs, no unnecessary features or attachments. And I like that about a company (about anything, for that matter.)

That’s because at a party, Audiofly would be as calm as can be — implementing a ‘lean-back and let people’s attention come to them’ demeanor, their less-is-more approach. Audiofly knows that Audiofly makes solid, good-looking products, you’d have to find out for yourself. Do yourself that favor.

The truth is that very quickly, I found the AF56 being an crucial addition to my everyday, essential items to carry along with me when leaving the house.

The chewing tobacco tin-like carrying case is a dependable resource for stowing the buds and keeping them safe in the inside pocket of my coat. When I hop on the train to work each morning, I can pull them out quick and enjoy a private world of wake-up music (usually gangster rap, which sounds of immense bass and vocal aggression, just as it should;) on the way home, the smooth, gentle melodies of my Keith Jarrett piano albums sooth my stressfulness and help me wind down for the evening.

The silicon ear tips mold nicely to your inner ears and with a few size options, you’ll find the right means of comfortably keeping them in for long periods of time and without them being tugged out.

The AF56 features Audiofly’s biggest dynamic driver in any of their earbud models, squeezing in a 13mm sound blaster on either side. We’re talking clear, full-range audio, more than capable of keeping all the musical genres in my eclectic music collection seem true to life. The key ingredients of every song is spotlighted.

Guitars appear as though they’re being played live in the room with you and percussion-heavy pieces feel like a drum line is circled around you performing. Sound-wise, these buds seem to easily surpass my expectations from a $100 pair of quality headphones (a model with an in-line Clear-Talk microphone goes for an extra ten bucks.) But with Audiofly products, that caliber of assurance comes standard.

Like the full line of Audiofly buds, the AF56 features their Audioflex braided cable, designed with a Kevlar core and wrapped in Cordura fabric to ensure lasting protection. They’re thin enough to not get in the way and tough enough that you can remain worry-free about their safety from tearing or breaking.

They include a conventional 3.5mm gold plated input jack and a 1.2m long cable, pretty basic and not too exciting. There’s really not much else to say about Audiofly’s AF56 earbuds other than they outperform other models in the same category, even pricier pairs of quality buds.

Audiofly does more than just “the job.” They do the job very well and I will remain considering the company’s contributions within my top list of recommended audio accessories. When you want superior sound and good style, look no further than the ‘fly-est’ pair of headphones around.

Check out a quick unboxing gallery below. Note the sweet, plastic pull-tab packaging design.



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