Falcon Pro for Android Reaches its Twitter Token Limit

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Falcon Pro, one of the best Twitter applications for Android, has run into a significant problem. The app can no longer authenticate new users because it reached the 100,000 token limit that Twitter imposes on all third-party applications. This restriction requires any new Twitter application to only have a maximum of 100,000 users at a time. 

The token limit took Falcon Pro developer Joaquim Vergès by surprise. He knew the limit would be reached eventually, he just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

“For the numbers, Play Store tells me 40k users,” Vergès wrote on the Falcon Pro Twitter page. “Piracy is unstopabble, nothing I can do to prevent that.”

Users have suggested possible solutions such as adding license checks, creating additional tokens and creating a new build of Falcon Pro, but Vergès doesn’t believe any of these will work in the long term. Therefore, he decided to create a petition in an effort to convince Twitter to raise the token limitation for Falcon Pro. There are currently 1,313 signatures on the petition.

Twitter users can also help out by revoking access to the Twitter applications they don’t use. To revoke access to an app that connects to Twitter, log in to Twitter on the web, go to settings, click on apps and revoke access to any app you don’t use anymore. Doing this won’t ultimately save Falcon Pro, but at least it’ll free up some space for someone who wants to try the app.

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