App Update: Audible for iOS

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Audible recently updated its iOS app, adding iPad support. Honestly, I’m not sure I see the point of iPad support. Apparently lots of people use it on iPads, but I’ve always been happy just having it on my phone.

Anyway, the app has undergone a complete overhaul, even down to the app icon, which is kind of cool. I like it better than the old icon.

The screens are quite different. I won’t say most of them are better exactly, but I do find them slicker and more professional. I especially like the time remaining on the complete book, which was lacking in the old app. Note that it does have a glitch. I upgraded the app in the middle of working on my current book. I had already deleted the first part, and the “Time Remaining” isn’t taking that into account. I expect it won’t be a problem for subsequent books, however.

The badges (if you like that sort of thing) are sporting a new look. Shiny!

Finally, the actual listening screen is completely different. And much easier to use. See that big “Play” button? I used to have trouble tapping the old one, which was tiny, even for my petite fingers. Not a problem anymore.

Overall, it’s not a significant update for features, but it’s a nice look and makes listening to audio books more visually appealing. Okay, maybe not quite the point, but it’s still appreciated. 😉

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