MWC: LG Announces an Optimus Smartphone Series for Everyone

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With Mobile World Congress in full effect Monday morning, LG releases a big announcement — so big, it embodies the revelation of not one but four “strategic Optimus series devices.” Well, more like two new series, two re-introductions.

In addition to the company’s Optimus G Series and Optimus L Series, LG introduces it’s Optimus Vu Series and it’s Optimus F Series. As we mentioned last week, the F Series is their 4G LTE line of phones. While attempting to offer high-speed wireless internet to everyone on any budget, the Optimus F Series includes the F5 and F7; both to be demonstrated this week at MWC.

Their Optimus Vu Series is their large-screen series (hence ‘view.’) The LG Optimus Vu sports a 5-inch screen with 4:3 aspect ratio, excellent for e-books, documents, multimedia and web browsing. They just released their Optimus Vu: 2 in Korea and should make it over seas sometime after MWC, we’re expecting. LG’s Vu: Talk and QRemote will play a big role on these devices.

LG announced their updated Optimus L II Series sometime prior to MWC. Their Optimus L3II, Optimus L5II and Optimus L7II embody the company’s mid-range, ‘for-anybody’ options. Their new generation smartphones spotlight LG’s “Seamless Layout, Laser Cut Contour, Radiant Rear Design and home button with Smart LED flashing.”

Lastly, the LG Optimus G Series is home for their Optimus G Pro smartphone, which acts as the company’s top-tier, flagship. The series as a whole features the best of the best: 4G LTE connectivity, newly redesigned UX, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Processor, True HD IPS Plus display, to name a few. The Optimus G is rolling out currently to over 50 countries and the Optimus G Pro has just reached the Korean audience, with plans for the rest of the world soon.

Along with making their four smartphone lines official, LG announces some new UX features and updates of interest. To better handle 4G LTE technology and the large display screens on their phones, LG first unveiled QSlide on their Optimus G Pro. The feature allows users to display two full-sized windows simultaneously. Dual Recording and Virtual Reality Panorama are also two new editions to enhance user ability.

Where it seems that most smartphone companies are playing up their strengths, focusing on a few key products and not revealing too much at this years MWC, it seems LG is doing just the opposite. First, I question: is this a wise idea? Secondly, I ask, which LG Series is right for you?

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