Study Reveals 1 in 4 Store “Intimate” Images on their Mobile Phones

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TextingA recently released study by mobile security provider AVG Technologies has divulged that 25% mobile users store intimate photos or videos on their tablets and smartphones.

Of the 5,107 users surveyed (across the US, UK, Brazil, France, and Germany) 70% were unaware of security options for remote deletion of such scintillating data.  The study also reveals that consumers are hesitant to use their devices for more everyday concerns, with only 35% willing to shop online and 38% bank online.  In contrast, 78% users said they check their bank balance on PC, and 50% of those surveyed admitted they felt their smartphone wasn’t as secure as a PC.

Your humble author is not one to take lascivious photos, but still, 1 in 4 is a lot less than I expected!

via [PR Newswire]

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