WhatsApp is Coming to BlackBerry AppWorld

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With BlackBerry’s BBM service being somewhat of a loner in the text communication field, it’s nice to see that WhatsApp will soon let the company hot off the release of it’s new OS in on the fun.

Thanks to a tweet over the weekend by WhatsApp creator Neeraj Arora, BlackBerry users can start expecting their own dedicated application. Vaguely speaking, the app is “coming to BB10 some time in March,” but we’re hoping for early in the month than later. March is right around the corner, so it could be as early as Friday for BB users to gain access to one of the consistent top cross-platform apps.

WhatsApp allows users to communicate via text messages between multiple platforms. For just one dollar per year from the Apple App Store, the Google Play store, Windows Phone app store, Nokia and now the BlackBerry AppWorld, you can text your friends from all over the world for no extra fee.

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