Attention Falcon Pro Users: Your Twitter Token is About to Get Reset

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A few days ago we learned the Android Twitter application Falcon Pro had reached its limit of 100,000 users due to a combination of legit purchases and piracy. Despite Falcon Pro developer Joaquim Vergès’ plea to Twitter to increase his app’s available tokens, the social network decided his app isn’t eligible because it doesn’t do anything different than the first-party Twitter app. Therefore, everyone’s Twitter token will get reset in order to free up space.

When the reset happens, you will need to authenticate Falcon Pro to access your Twitter account once again. The hope is that any inactive users will be removed so other interested persons can use the app. Vergès also raised the price for Falcon Pro to $132.13 to discourage anyone from purchasing it until he figures out a solution to the token problem.

Vergès is currently working on increasing the security of Falcon Pro so it becomes less susceptible to piracy. Even though completely stopping piracy is near impossible, perhaps new security measures can at least slow the pirates down.

It’s good to see a developer fighting so hard to maintain his app for the sake of its users and himself. It’s clear Falcon Pro means a lot to Vergès. It’s just a shame Twitter restricts the very people that made the company what it is today.

Source [Twitter]

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