Outbox Takes Your Mail and Digitizes it for $5 a Month

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outbox Despite the many advances in technology, the United States Postal Service has remained relatively unchanged for far too long. The traditional way of receiving mail is outdated, and many people are opting for email correspondences instead. With that in mind, let me tell you about a San Francisco company called Outbox. Outbox capitalizes on snail mail and gives it a much needed modern twist.

For $5 a month, Outbox will go to your mailbox three days a week and retrieve your mail. It then takes the mail to its warehouse where it’s opened, digitally scanned and put away for safe keeping. You can then use the Outbox mobile site to view images of your mail. You also have options to delete the mail (the physical mail will be shredded), have it emailed to you, or you can request Outbox to deliver the mail to your door. Android and iOS apps are coming soon.

Since every piece of mail is opened by a stranger, it’s understandable to be concerned over the security of your mail. After all, credit card information, social security numbers and checks are regularly sent in the mail. Outbox says its “Unpostmen” go through more rigorous background checks than USPS employees.

Outbox will start performing its services on March 25 in the San Francisco Bay area. Interested persons can apply for an invitation on its website. Within 6 months, Outbox hopes to service the entire Bay area.

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