Bass Egg: Make Everything in Your World a Speaker

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Bass-Egg-LogoEven though the project missed the funding mark on Kickstarter last year, the Bass Egg appears to have emerged nonetheless.

The vision for Bass Egg emerged just over one year ago. While the use of reverberation speaker technology in loudspeakers existed, no one had mastered its application as a portable music device. The only products available were either high in sound quality but not portable, or cheap novelty products – not durable and lacking in sound quality. Bass Egg covers both of those aspects with stylish design.

Bass EggThe Bass Egg stands somewhere around 4 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter, resembling an hourglass without the top and bottom. The Bass Egg uses an internal rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that allows for play time up to 8 hours and a red indicator light that turns on when the battery is low.

It takes about 1 1/2 hours to fully charge it with a standard USB cable. The Bass Egg uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect wirelessly to your devices. The unique part about this speaker is the reverberation technology. It uses whatever surface it’s on as the actual speaker itself, by transferring your music’s frequency to that surface.

The result? Almost anything can be a speaker. For example, a wooden table produces a deep rich sound, reflective of the physical properties of the surface. A glass table makes the music sound clear and precise. A car roof or hood creates enough sound to supply a tailgate party.

You can purchase your very own Bass Egg in either black or silver for $99.99 from

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  • Darreyl Walker

    I am in the USAF currently stationed in Northern Afghanistan. My girlfriend told me about Bass Egg recently and what an awesome product it is and thought I should try one while I was deployed. She contacted the company to see if they would ship to an APO address. She mentioned where I was and told them that I was with a small team of men and would like to try out one of there eggs. The owner got involved and offered to send us four eggs to show his appreciation for our service.
    The eggs are AWESOME. We use them everywhere. We put them on Tanks, all types of heavy equipment, even tried it on the wing of a F-16 fighter jet. Naturally it sounds better in some places than others but it always makes a good clear sound.
    All of us have agreed that when we are deployed again that our Bass Eggs are going to be a part of our gear.
    Thank you Bass Egg for your contribution to our service.

    SSgt Darreyl Walker USAF