TechnologyTell Lets Silicon Valley Heroes (and Explain the Value of Teaching Kids Computer Programming (Video PSA)

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Personally, the only experience that I’ve had with computer coding was by means of a 101 undergrad course that I begrudgingly opted into, in lieu of a required math class. By then I knew math was ‘not my thing’ and although inserting strings of otherwise gibberish text into a database, which in turn made a cartoon figure skater twirl across-screen was pretty sweet, at 19-years old, I knew I had no future in the field.

But having been exposed to this software as a child? That would have changed everything. I would have perhaps established an appreciation for this discrete math form, propelling me to be more involved and less apprehensive towards numbers in general. Despite crunching numbers not coming easy to some folks like me, this is another means of applying the subject; more in tune with visual learners.

This new public service video by pro-computer-programming education website, raises an excellent point and spotlights an issue that most people are possibly unaware of. Strip down any technology that is often used in your everyday life — your Facebook interactions, text messaging, your iPod, all of your smartphone apps — okay, sorry. Well, simplify all of these things and what lies beneath? Coding.

Speaking on behalf of introducing computer coding in grade schools, the PSA features Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, the guy from Zappo’s and a few other well-known apps and computer-based services, as well as some unsuspected programmers like Miami Heat player Chris Bosh. Coding has made the world the way it is today. And based on the integral role that computer technology plays in helping the lives of everyone, it can only become further ingrained in society.

Check our their important message:

This video is more of a teaser to a short film entitled “What Most Schools Don’t Teach” and can be found in full on

It’s a shame but I can see some refuting this cause, deeming it a ‘pretentious parent’ move — along the lines of exposing your nerdy toddler to Chopin. That’s not true. It’s an already growing field and will continue, with important opportunities further along.

Children with a worldly, well-rounded exposure end up as better adults. I’ll do what I can to provide my kids with the best possible opportunity to create a healthy future for themselves. It’s not hard to see where our future is headed. (Also, don’t you want your kid to be considered a ‘rockstar’ by a Black Eyed Pea?)

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