Adobe Photoshop Touch Rolls Out for Android Phones

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Another nice addition enters the Android phone application repertoire on Wednesday, Adobe Photoshop Touch. The app, previously only available for tablets, acts as somewhat of a ‘lite’ version of the full-blown Photoshop photo editing software.

In quick summation, Photoshop Touch lets users layer their images, apply effects and share their results straight to Facebook or Twitter. It includes many of the popular tools from the complete desktop version, such as layering and selection tools, filters, the Scribble Selection and Refine Edge tools and a unique camera fill feature.

You can pop shots up to 12-megapixels big into Photoshop Touch and easily sync it to your desktop (by means of Adobe Creative Cloud, which gives you 2GB of free cloud storage) for further/ more intricate editing.

The phone app is five bucks cheaper than the tablet version, at $4.99 and you can get it now from the Google Play store. For you picture buffs out there, how could you not feel at least slightly tempted to drop a ‘Lincoln’ on a mobile version of the photo industry standard software?

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