Windows 8 Convertible Laptop/Tablet Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx Now Available for $600

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Scoring a decent Windows 8-based convertible laptop/tablet these days is a pretty easy feat, with plenty of different gadgets unveiled in the last few months. And yet one extra option never hurts, so here it is – the Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx.

Introduced back in October 2012, the 11.6-incher has very recently gone for sale with several online retailers, including B&H and Amazon. Pricing differs slightly from store to store, but on the whole you have to cough up $600, give or take a couple of bucks, for the tab without the keyboard dock.

The docking station is worth $150 extra, so the whole thing will set you back around $750. Pricey? We’d say, albeit you pretty much get what you pay for. Which is a stylish tab-cum-notebook with a 1,366 x 768 pix res display, Win 8, a dual-core 1.8 GHz Intel Atom processor, 2 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage and a 16-hour battery when docked.

Not bad, even though Lenovo could have crammed some extra pixels in that decent, but surely not outstanding display.

Via [Liliputing]

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