Skype for Android Now Allows Constant Portrait Orientation

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Skype for Android received an update on Tuesday that finally brought back the portrait orientation that had been taken away a few updates back. Before now, Skype calls could be made in portrait mode, but the user interface was locked to landscape. Before that, everything was in landscape. This created loads of frustration for Nexus 7 owners since the tablet was designed to be held right-side up.

The change won’t be immediately noticeable. After updating, you’ll be greeted with the image above. In order to revert to the smartphone or “classic” interface, you have to make a change in the settings menu. Upon restarting the app, you’ll have the old interface we know and love.

Those who own tablets that are meant to be held sideways don’t have to bother with these changes. They’ll be able to benefit from the app’s tablet interface and landscape orientation.

Skype also added some bug fixes into its app. Chances are if everything worked fine for you before, it’ll still perform well now. I’m just glad the Skype team listened to the gripes of Android users and took their advice to heart. It just took them a little over a month to implement the necessary changes.

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