HTC Says One Will Be Their Only ‘One’

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Last week, HTC launched their One, a top-shelf, simply beautiful smartphone. Doing away with their entire One line, which included their One X, One S and One V (followed by the One X+, One SV and One VX) from last year, the company says that from here out, the HTC will be the only device carrying the ‘One’ brand name.

According to a quote from Phil Roberson, head of HTC for the UK and Ireland, there will be only one HTC flagship: their new one, the One.

So, although this can certainly change throughout this year, we shouldn’t hold our breath for any new HTC releases — at least nothing that will trump their One. Talk about ‘putting all your eggs in one basket?’ Well, that makes our job easier at least.


<Source: Omio>

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