The Polaroid Socialmatic is Destined for a 2014 Release

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Polaroid SocialmaticSocialmatic has entered in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement with Polaroid’s parent company PLR IP Holdings to create a line of cameras and accessories for the Polaroid Socialmatic. This camera will tap directly into the Socialmatic social network, and utilize Android as an operating system. The companies are planning to release the first Polaroid Socialmatic in the first quarter of 2014.

The image you see here is merely a concept, but the general idea of what this camera can do has been thought out. It will come with built-in filters that you’ll be able to apply after taking photos. By utilizing the camera’s Wi-Fi or 3G connection, pictures can be sent to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email addresses or via MMS. Its other specs include 16GB of storage and a slot for expandable storage.

The coolest feature is the Polaroid Socialmatic’s ability to print out photos just like the good old days. This camera will basically instantly produced photos for both the physical and digital world.

Besides the possibility of good looks, we don’t know any of the camera’s critical critical specifications. If the sensor is bad, this camera may not take pictures any better than the typical smartphone camera. However, it may just be niche enough to pick up a decent number of sales.

Source [Socialmatic]


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