Awesome Scientist Creates Oreo Seperator Machine (Video)

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Some awesome dude — my mistake — physicist, copy writer and Oreo fan, David Neeval was tired of scraping the heinous white cream out from between his pairs of delectable, crunchy chocolate cookies. So he did something about it. And his creation will amaze you.

Portland, O.R.-based Neeval built a mechanical device from wires, wood, motors and scrapped aluminum that solves his issue. It cleverly removes the distasteful Oreo cream from his desired cookies.

Perhaps considered a Rube Goldberg, the Oreo Seperator Machine or O.S.M. as he calls it, splits the two halves of the Oreo cookie with a hatchet, scrapes the cream off each and drops them down onto a plate. Amazing.

“My Oreo separator machine is entirely based on the dislike of creme and preference for cookie,” the dry-witted, impressive mustache holder said. “It goes by OSM. It’s just an acronym.”

You should really check this out:

Though the O.S.M. will likely never see it’s way into the homes of fellow cookie-over-cream preferred Oreo lovers, Neeval’s invention sure makes a fun human interest story. America’s favorite cookie company is pushing the above video to viral status and cashing out by naming it the first issue in it’s “Cookie vs. Cream” campaign. After watching this, I’d say cookie wins. I mean, how could anyone top this kind of dedication to any cause?

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  • Juli Monroe

    Link? I mean I know I *could* go to YouTube and track it down myself, but I’m feeling lazy.

  • Juli Monroe

    Awesome! Too bad I actually like the cream filling. 😉

  • David

    Excuse me Mr. Neeval, “TWO clean delicious oreoS” … ??? The individual parts of ONE Oreo cookie can not surpass the whole of the original cookie. There is only one cookie … Or, are you suggesting that the sum of the individual parts separated somehow equal a greater enjoyment than eating the cookie whole? By your expression, I’d submit that the later was your intent as you can not confuse a one separated and cleaned oreo cookie to be equal to TWO deliciously uncleaned oreoS. There are rules Mr. Neeval.