GadgeTell Review: KOPi K_Bar Power Strip and Dual USB Charger, Charge Both iOS and Android Devices Together

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KOPi is a electronic engineering and R&D team who provide valuable battery charging solutions to everyday electronics users. With a quick glance, their passion for creating interesting power components is hard to miss. Modern design and superior performance; when it comes to charging your devices at home, you can check out their K_Bar and then look no further.

KOPi’s K_Bar is an all-you-need power device. It appears to be a simple three-input power strip and it is that, but it’s also much more. Most importantly, the K_Bar’s extraordinary detail is at the other end of the strip — two USB ports for charging your USB devices.

You may be saying “Sure, I’ve seen this before, no big deal.” But you haven’t seen KOPi’s USB charging module. Their dual USB ports features what the company calls a K_Switch.

As you can see in the photo, there are two slider switches right above the inputs. The top one is for the top input, bottom for the bottom. Slide either to the left and the corresponding USB port is set to charge your iPhone, iPod, iPad or iPad mini. Set it to the right and all your Android OS devices can be likewise safely and efficiently juiced up.

The individual switches for each charging port makes it convenient for those with say, a Google Nexus 7 tab and an iPhone or any other combination of both Apple and Android devices.

Tests show that in most cases, the K_Bar will actually charge your devices faster than their native chargers. Usually charging an iDevice with a third-party charger takes longer than when using an Apple-manufactured power converter. Thanks to KOPi’s superior charging element, charging an iPhone can be done in 2.2 hours or 101-percent quicker than using a non-Apple charging cable.

The KOPi K_Bar clocked a complete Nexus 7 tablet charge at 3.3 hours or 279-percent faster than the 12.5 hours it took when using a foreign, non-Android cable.

As I’ve said, the KOPi K_Bar is a solid example of home convenience and efficiency. All you need to  keep the batteries in your electronics and smart devices in check is a K_Bar. The satisfaction in ridding your living space of all other electronic device charging options is worth the company’s $59.99 list price. To learn more about the KOPi charging compatibility specifications, visit their website at

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