Nokia Music+ Will Roll Out to Android and iOS, Off-Line Mixes to Follow

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Previously, we reported that the Nokia Music+ streaming application was a service only available to Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones users. And it was. But pretty soon, that’ll no longer be the case.

Omio received confirmation from Michael Bebel, Global Head of Music at Nokia through an interview at MWC that Nokia’s Music+ service will roll out to iOS and Android users. “And then this ability to take it off the device, and have it ability to virtually any device. We have done that now through the HTML5 interface”

“The only limitation, you can’t have the offline mixes. Right now, we have the curated mixes and the store. All other features, except for off-line caching of mixes will be available via HTML5 – as part of the subscription,” said Bebel. This leads us to believe that the capability of creating mixes off-line in Music+ could be on the horizon. Another request from Nokia Music+ users, Bebel said were a synchronized lyrics feature, which is planned on being added in the near future as well.



<Source: Omio>

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