Sprint Gives Customers a Second Chance to Protect Devices

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Sprint LogoFrom March 1 through March 31, Sprint is giving customers who originally opted out of its device protection program at the time of purchase another chance to enroll. Sprint’s device protection packages provide a range of coverage from loss to routine maintenance for wireless phones, smartphones, Sprint mobile broadband cards, tablets, netbooks and notebooks.

“Wireless devices are more advanced today and consumers are relying even more on them for their business and everyday needs,” said Jaime Jones, senior vice president, consumer sales for Sprint. “A device protection plan is an affordable way to help ensure devices are protected from expensive replacement costs due to unintentional damage, loss or theft.”

Total Equipment Protection (TEP), administered by Asurion, provides customers complete protection for their phone, smartphone or Sprint mobile broadband card. Coverage includes loss, theft, damage and mechanical or electrical failure caused by defect or normal wear and tear, as well as routine maintenance.

As an added feature, customers can download the Protection App to locate, lock and otherwise protect their phone remotely from a computer. The cost for TEP ranges from $8 to $11 per month, per line of service, depending on your device model. Many may argue that such protection programs are an unnecessary waste of money; I say it all depends on the product and user.

I actually had the unfortunate yet fortunate chance to utilize my TEP with Sprint a month after the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. My smartphone accidentally slipped from my jacket pocket when I crouched to tie my shoes. Even though it fell only about 8 inches, the screen face hit the uneven ground just right and splintered. The case couldn’t save it this time. Sprint said my options were to pay the deductible for the TEP, buy a new Note 2, or live with my cracked Note 2.

After paying the deductible (the only serious option), I received a brand new replacement in its original unopened retail packaging from Asurion via next-day air. With smartphones increasing in size comparable to, yet having a price greater than, small tablets, it makes sense to consider extra protection.



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