Asus Fonepad Coming to Russia This Month for $345

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The Asus Fonepad was one of the weirdest funkiest gadgets to be introduced during this year’s MWC, but that’s not to say there’s absolutely no interest surrounding the device. After all, the thing is a budget 7-inch tablet (though not as cheap as the Nexus 7). And it comes with voice calling functionality, which is a very useful feature… if you don’t mind holding such a humongous “phone” next to your ear.

So, the thing is intriguing, right? Now all Asus has to do is price and release it. And the first stop in Fonepad’s race to world domination is apparently Russia.

Only the 7-incher is not going to be too affordable there. Instead, it’ll go for a full 10,590 rubles ($345 or €265). The rest of the old continent is still scheduled to get the thing for €219 though, which sounds a lot better.

How about ETAs? Well, we’re yet to hear about an exact release date anywhere, but in Russia the Fonepad is to land “by the end of this month”. Other European countries are surely to follow suit, but most of them will probably have to wait until April.

Via [Unwired View]

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