Samsung Galaxy Note II Hack Discovered, Home Screen Access (Video)

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Recently a few iPhone iOS 6.0 hacks have been discovered, then went viral. Of course they did, why wouldn’t they? For some reason, it’s fun to see fallacies in powerful operating systems like Apple’s. Well as the expression goes, we all make mistakes. And Monday morning brings us an example of Android’s 4.1.2 OS vulnerability.

On Samsung’s Galaxy Note II, a security flaw was figured out and published via YouTube by UK techie Terence Eden. Eden’s method will allow users to bypass the lock screen and access apps on the home screen. By pressing the “Emergency Call” button, then the ICE button followed by the home key for a few seconds, ‘viola.’

It is somewhat important to mention that when the front page apps are accessed, the phone will remain unlocked while running that program. Any app with a calling feature or a direct call widget can be used and therefore, calls can be made on a locked Android device.

I reached out to Samsung’s PR team about the hack but have yet to hear back concerning any software update or anything else. As always, we’ll keep you posted though. 


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