Twitter Killing TweetDeck Apps for iOS and Android

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Do you rely on TweetDeck to access Twitter on your mobile device? If so, you may want to find an alternative. Twitter is pulling the apps from their respective stores in early May, and they will stop working shortly after that.

Here’s their explanation from the Tweetdeck blog:

In many ways, doubling down on the TweetDeck web experience and discontinuing our app support is a reflection of where our TweetDeck power-users are going. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a steady trend towards people using TweetDeck on their computers and Twitter on their mobile devices.

I used TweetDeck in the early days but switched to Hootsuite for the scheduling feature. Scheduling is a vital part of my Twitter experience, and I even use the feature on my mobile devices. The native Twitter apps still don’t support scheduling.

What about you? Will you miss TweetDeck, or have you moved on to other apps?

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