BlackBerry Cuts Z10 Prices in the UK, Has the Excitement Already Died Down?

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The initial interest surrounding BlackBerry’s new Z10 high-end smartphone might have been tremendous in both Canada and the UK, but in the latter at least, the buzz seems to have already toned down. Already?

Yes, it does look to be a bit too early for that, which is bound to give BB bosses a few headaches. Then again, it’s not like nobody is purchasing the Z10 anymore in GB. Instead, we’re only dealing with a generalized minor price cut across some of the country’s retailers and carriers.

Carphone Warehouse for instance is selling the handheld for £29 upfront on £29 monthly plans with a 2-year contract. Previously, the Z10 was available for no upfront charge, but on £36 plans, which worked out to a total 24-month cost of £864, compared with £725 right now.

Meanwhile, Vodafone has the BB Z10 for free with £33 plans, which overall comes down to a £72 price cut. That’s definitely not severe, but it is a clear sign that people are no longer that interested in the device.

The timing of these discounts is also not ideal, with Z10’s US launch around the corner. Do you think Americans will be more interested in it?


<Source: Phone Arena>

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