Each Year, $21 Billion Worth of Gold and Silver is Used to Make Electronics: How Much of That Gets Thrown Away? (Infographic)

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What do you do with your old electronic devices? A month or so ago, we featured a guest post by Bob Erie, founder and CEO of E-World Recycler. He knows a thing or two about properly discarding old devices and even how you can make some cash for doing so. It’s definitely worth the read.

On the topic of e-waste, we present to you an infographic that may surprise you. Gold & Silver Buyers put together this cleverly informative chart entitled “Urban Mining: The Electronic Waste Gold Mine.” Check it out below. (Click to expand.)

We can see that according to the Global e-Sustainability Initiative, there are about 320 tons of gold and 7,500 tons of silver floating around in cellphones, computers and other electronics in the world today. Also, if these precious metals are mined from these devices rather than the device be thrown away, the recovered metals can be up to 50x richer than gold or silver mined from the ground.

That’s roughly $75 million in revenue. Be sure to keep your portion of that yearly total and keep these precious metals out of landfills. For more information on how you can manage that, refer to the Gold & Silver Buyers website.

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