Rumor: Supersized 5.9-Inch Samsung “Phablet” Coming by the End of the Year (Updated: Believed to Be Galaxy Note III)

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You know that saying ‘bigger is better?’ The one that so many women tend to use as a motto in life and that bugs the heck out of most men? Well, when it comes to the mobile phone market, the thing seems to be turning into an axiom.

Have a new smartphone to showcase? Is it bigger than most others? Good. No? Next!

Samsung has been one of the first manufacturers to gamble everything on the “bigger is better” strategy, which, to the surprise of many, has paid off big time. The Galaxy Note and Note 2 have been huge hits, not to mention the Galaxy S3, a not so humongous handheld, but still much larger than the norm.

But isn’t it enough already? After all, the GNote 2 measures 5.5 inches in diagonal, which is tough enough to handle. The answer is quite simply no. Because, apparently, an even bigger Samsung Galaxy 5.9-incher is in the works.

No words on the branding of said “phablet”, but it’s most likely going to be introduced in the “latter half of the year”, so we’re guessing it’s a Note 3. As far as specs go, we heard some rumors back in the day, but we can’t add anything in the mix at the moment. Soon though…

Via [Korea Times]

Updated at 2:15 p.m. by Matthew Marchesano

According to SamMobile blog, who are excellent and generally accurate in reporting everything-Samsung rumors, the 5.9-inch ‘phablet’ spotted on the web is most likely what we will soon know as the Galaxy Note III. The Galaxy Note II has a 5.55-inch display — the next generation will see an almost half-inch increase in screen size. Samsung is expected to introduce the next generation Note at IFA 2013.

The Galaxy Note III is said to feature the new Exynos 5 Octa processor behind a beatiful AMOLED display.

<Source: SamMobile>




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