App Review: CashTrails for iOS

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Small business owners have a lot to keep track of, especially when they’re on-the-go. Savvy mobile entrepreneurs use their mobile devices to keep track of as much as possible.

CashTrails is one of my favorite apps for keeping track of business expenses, whether a cash purchase at a local Panera Bread or recording the registration fee at a networking event.

My main criteria for a smartphone app is that it be quick and easy. CashTrails fits both of those.

As you can see from the screenshot, the entry screen is intuitive. A few items to enter, and you’re done. You can set up as many tags and accounts as you want, so it’s easy to track your spending. The app handles multiple currencies, so it’s good for the international business owner as well.

You can add photos to the Note field. I use this when I write checks on the go. I just use my camera to snap a quick picture of the check and add that to the entry. Then when I get back to Quickbooks, I can enter the check without worrying about forgetting the check number or any other details.

See the arrow in the upper right corner? You can use that to copy the fields, so if there are purchases you make regularly (like your favorite drink at Starbucks), you can just copy and paste the fields into a new entry. Fast and easy!

You can export reports as .csv files, making expense reports easy. Track everything on a business trip with CashTrails and then export everything when you get back.

I’ve even heard of people with fairly simple personal finances using CashTrails as their checkbook ledger, but I haven’t tried that out. I mostly use it for business purposes, though I have used it to track expenses on vacation. Nice to know where all that cash went!

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